SPX Buyer Engagement

The SPX Programme exists to link buyers and suppliers through matchmaking and the Programme reaches out to suppliers of goods and services and offers national and international buyers a one-stop opportunity to quickly narrow down the search for credible local suppliers. SPX enables buyer to invite and receive RFQ responses, to inform themselves about which companies are actively seeking to reach world class standards of practice and performance and to understand the best way how to support supplier business improvement activities for mutual advantage. Technical support to SPX Offices concerns the identification of procurement/subcontracting opportunities, reaching out to main buyers and providing assistance to SMEs/supplier firms in fulfilling subcontracting requirements set by buyers in respective countries. The SPX Buyer Engagement and Opportunity Development comprises a number of capacity building modules aimed to support SPX Centres in their engagement with buyers towards the fulfilment of matchmaking opportunities with potential suppliers. SPX Buyer Engagement provides a ‘step-wise approach’ in engaging with buyers, advises how to interact and seek information from buyers and ultimately deliver matchmaking opportunities to SMEs. It looks at the various aspects of the buyer opportunity development and matchmaking process by making reference to the different stages of buyer and supplier interaction. Contracting enterprises offer work to subcontractors, thus enabling suppliers to conclude contracts with them and, in the case of long-term contracts, to guarantee them a certain economic continuity. If such enterprises want their suppliers to meet their requirements to the greatest possible extent, they will need to support them in their development process.