Utilizing the UNIDO SPX Profiling tool, SPX teams develop profiles of the skills and capacities of local companies to be promoted among buyers and provide customized support to buyers looking for competitive local suppliers. SPX Centres use a unified Management Information System to help build databases of local enterprise capacity, collate requests for quotations [RFQs] and provide a gateway to international benchmarking and information resources.

SPX Centres are also encourged to implement SPX methodologies and approaches aimed to track subcontracting opportunities and enhance the buyer engagement focus with the ultimate aim to match buyers with profiled suppliers

Each enterprise profile consists of more than 60 data points which are collected and captured in the SPX Profile database. Periodic data updates ensure that the SPX profile database maintains its status as an accurate reference database for buyer-supplier matchmaking in respective countries. To date, the SPX Profile database, accessible through the SPX MIS on-line software, contains more than 7,000 firms mainly operating in the metals, plastic, machinery, electronic equipment and parts sub-sectors.

  • What are the areas of activity of SMEs
  • [for example skills, technology, equipment, processes or products]?
  • Can SMEs' capacities be matchmarked with buyers' local content needs?